All the Things a Woman Oughtn’t Do

All the Things a Woman Oughtnt Do The Ballad of Zerelda Glanton is a photographic journey in hardship and badassery by photographer Julie Loen and model Ingvild Eiring.

Two years in the making and shot entirely on Polaroid film in snow, rain, sunshine and dusty interiors – capturing the seasons and a myriad of locations – the fleeting figure of Zerelda Glanton comes to life as a gun-toting, horse-riding, anvil-banging, booze-swigging cowgirl, whore and lady.

If you’re partial to undraped ladies and shooting irons, and take kindly to the grittier side of photography, this ought to be right up your alley.


The 108 page book is available in three different editions:

  • Hardcover book (12x12in/30x30cm) from Blurb for $114.91 – Buy it here
  • Softcover book (7x7in/18x18cm) from Amazon for $49.99 – Buy it here
  • The softcover book is also available at Tronsmo and Hevn in Oslo
  • The E-book is free here

Preview of the book can be viewed at Blurb, and a selection of images from the book can be seen at my website

  • Original polaroids featured in the book, and a selection of prints were exhibited at Cyan Studio in Oslo the last two weeks in September 2016.
  • The book was presented at Fotoscenen 2016.
  • Six of the photographs from the book were featured in the juryed exhibition at Fotografiets Dag 2015.
  • The book is featured in Floz Visions and V-Books.
  • Article (in Norwegian) about the book in

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