Whiskey & Whiskers: Omnibus, Book 1-3

WHISKEY AND WHISKERS collects the three first books in The 9 Lives of The Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat series.

Lee ain’t no goddamned lady. She has done gotten herself unbaptized, unmarried, and unlawful. She is the outlaw known as Crazy Cat.

Lee knows what needs to be done. She needs more men with guns, but where can she find them? And who can she trust amongst those already in her gang? A bloody battle ensues between corrupt lawmen and outlaws.

Embers at Dawn is the story of one woman’s struggle to find freedom in a world that would rather see her in a corset or behind bars-one being as bad as the other, according to her.

It’s a story of rats and sons of bitches, eccentric saviors, and a ramshackle gang led by the outlaw known as Crazy Cat.

Lee has fled Chert in pursuit of the traitor Dan. She’s heading for Mexico accompanied by her guide, Snake Girl-she can’t decide which is worse: the climate or the company.

An Obelus Wheeze is a road trip on horseback-across scorching deserts and freezing mountains. The outlaw known as Crazy Cat gets to prove what she’s made of in encounters with bandits and rattlesnakes, crazy ole coots, saddle sores, and worst of all: a city.

An Obelus Wheeze is the second book in the western series The 9 Lives of the Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat. It’s a story of hardship and love, unforgiving climates, and sordid sons of bitches.

The 7th Bullet is the third book in the The 9 Lives of the Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat series-a Gothic western that draws upon elements from both horror and crime. It’s a foreboding tale of friendship and grief, madness, and haunts, and seeing a man about a horse.

Lee is offered a chance at freedom-all she has to do is assist a Pinkerton detective during an investigation and sign a contract where she swears to become a law-abiding citizen. She agrees to help the detective, but will she sign the contract and give up her outlawing ways?

The investigation brings her to the arid Bonneville flats and a lodge run by a family of spiritualists. They may or may not be able to talk to the dead, but they certainly have a connection to them.

– Recommended for mature readers. –

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“This is a foulmouthed Norwegian feminist’s take on western, written by someone who probably draws faster and shoots straighter than anyone else here. Get the three first novels now, so that you are ready for number four, due this year.” – Kjell Skjaervo, Amazon

“These three books were great and I can’t wait to read the rest!!! Loved how the author described landscapes, creating beautifully vivid, clear pictures in my mind. I would recommend this to any fiction reader easily!” – Stacey, Goodreads