Embers at Dawn

Lee ain’t no goddamned lady. She has done gotten herself unbaptized, unmarried and unlawful. She is the outlaw known as Crazy Cat.

One cat is buried, another is put in a hatbox, then sent to the town marshal along with the head of his deputy.

Lee knows what needs to be done. She needs more men with guns, but where can she find them? And who can she trust amongst those already in her gang? A bloody battle ensues between corrupt lawmen and outlaws.

Embers at Dawn is the story of one woman’s struggle to find freedom in a world that would rather see her in a corset or behind bars – one being as bad as the other, according to her.

It’s a story of rats and sons of bitches, eccentric saviors and a ramshackle gang led by the outlaw known as Crazy Cat.

Embers at Dawn is Loen’s debut novel and the first book in the series The 9 Lives of the Outlaw known as Crazy Cat. It’s a gritty western told from the anti-heroine Lee’s point of view.

-Recommended for mature readers.-


“If you like your Westerns dark and morally ambiguous, J.C. Loen’s EMBERS AT DAWN is plenty of both.” –Charles Baker for IndieReader

“A fun and fast-paced adventure.” –Tina Olah, Goodreads

“The story is beautifully written and I got pulled right into the Western setting.” – Qukatheg, Goodreads

“The author created a strong commanding character unlike any female character I have ever read.” –Lynda, Goodreads

“The main female character, Lee, is strong and spunky, and so amazingly likeable.” –Duskofdoubt, Goodreads

“Loved this book! The imagery is amazing and the mix between total crass and intelligence is just awesome! Great characters.” – Debby Rubino, Smashwords

Embers at Dawn (the E-book) is Perma-Free. Available from the following retailers:

Barnes & Noble/Nook
Google Books

  • You can also purchase the paperback here or from Tronsmo bookstore in Oslo


2 thoughts on “Embers at Dawn

  1. This looks super-cool. I’ve also recently written a pretty non-standard Western that’s coming out next year. We should be friends 🙂

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