Wordslinger, photographer and crazy cat lady J.C. Loen is the author of the western series The 9 Lives of The Outlaw known as Crazy Cat, featuring an anti-heroine who’ll make your grandpa shit his breeches.

J.C. has a bachelor’s degree in literature and a craft’s certificate in photography. She’s managed to include her obsession for the Victorian era in both her writing and photography. The first Crazy Cat book is set in 1877, and since 2016 J.C. has specialized in wetplate collodion; a photographic process invented in 1851.

She lives in Lommedalen, Norway with two crazy cats and her boyfriend. When she’s not working on a story or taking pictures, she’s most likely working on a diorama, managing her curiosity shop or pretending to be a cowgirl at the local shooting range.


Interviews & Articles

Impossible Magazine


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Julie Loen Photography

Studio Staa Stille

Obskura Kuriosum

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