My Third Wetplate Birthday

I’ve been making wetplates for three years today!

Since my last wetplate birthday, I’ve done my first wetplate wedding shoot, hosted more workshops, done portrait and model shoots, made almost 100 plates of Ingvild Eirings Bad Mice and even had a few wetplaters from the USA visit my tiny studio in Norway.

I’ve made 900 plates during my first three years in this mad scientist kinda photography. I failed miserably on taking my darkroom on the road this year, I hope to change that next year!

And by the way… I’m having a SPOOKTOBER SALE in my Etsy store. Everything is 30% off the entire month. Check it out here.

The collage features one image from each month of my third year as a wetplate photographer, starting with October last year in the upper left hand corner and finishing with September this year in the lower right hand corner.

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