Another Year of Wetplates

I’ve been making wetplates for two years today!

The first year was mostly about getting the hang of the process. During my second year I leveled up to making 8×10 plates, started to make my own collodion, made an Etsy store and sold some of my wetplate art. I’ve done both commercial and non-commercial wetplate work, exhibited some of my wetplate art for the first time and done my first pop-up event. Studio Stand Still became a thing with its own website AND I kicked off @wetplatedarlings – an Instagram gallery for wetplates.

I’ve made 650 plates during my first two years in this mad scientist kinda photography. I’ve got several personal projects in the works and lots more wetplate related stuff lined up. I’d also like to experiment with flaws and artifacts. I love perfect plates, but (especially for personal projects) I like a bit of mess on my plates.

The collage features one image from each month of my second year as a wetplate photographer, starting with October last year in the upper left hand corner and finishing with September this year in the lower right hand corner. Models are: Janne Ebbesdatter Lavogez, Zialand, Ingvild Eiring, Isabell Lorentzen, yours truly and a dead magpie.

If you’d like to see more of my wetplate work, head on over to or or follow my adventures in wetplate photography on Instagram.

One thought on “Another Year of Wetplates

  1. Hi,

    I am happy to see and reding the update regarding your hard work. I wish you a lot of peace, success and creativity in the future too. It will be my pleassure to visit your links. Best wishes from Slovenia, Rok Dolničar

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