Happy Holidays

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! I’d like to extend heartfelt thank yous to each and every one who has bought my book or downloaded it for free.

Here’s my Christmas gift to all of y’all, my Redneck Rebel Party playlist. Enjoy 😉


The Cowgirl: An Interview


Photo: Martin Guttormsen Slørdal

I’ve been featured in the magazine HK Nytt, distributed by the workers’ association Handel & Kontor in Norway.

I was interviewed by the journalist Martin Guttormsen Slørdal earlier this year when I was still working at a video rental store. When asked about what I do beside work, I told him about my book project, which lead to the interview you can read here.

The interview is in Norwegian, but I’ll come back to some of the subjects we touched upon in later blog posts. Some of the things we talked about were: The western genre, chewing tobacco, Calamity Jane and Deadwood, feminism, self-publishing, Cowboy Action Shooting and horses.